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My evil stepfather was a carpenter until my brother was killed by the enemy near the inside. You may reffer to me as onionish person, as such I could never accept this so I left the bathroom because I desired my true love .

In my travels to the chocolate factory I found the muscular bent book of my evil stepmother. As I placed it upon my holders it scared me. A good thing indeed!

I have been many things, even a carpenter at times, sometimes I even took up wood-chopping , until I settled down in in a hurry . It's a rich puny pear-shaped place full of people who are always drinking . There a millstone of power is always brown.

Err, sooo, uhmm It came to mind... communing with nature. I've also learned that the bathroom is rarely rich if you consider the way my ears, which is a lovely shade of the color of victory by the way, ate even a King of Kings

One day I bought a rock which was green to cover my teeth with. Unfortunately it was made in there for seeking REVENGE! , so it had a square shape.

My father-mother taught me that I should never use my thing in the middle of my face for fishing , but Secretly I am shiny so I had to do it. It battered me, so my evil eye became magenta and oval

Yesterday I was bought with a battle pig in the chocolate factory. The a man around me thought it was slippery, so he renewed me.

Total number of possible stories: 1.2622739564229E+82
E means '10 at the power of' so 1.2E+2 is 120. Pretty big number isn't it?
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