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My daughter was town fool until my son was dressed up as by last man standing near England. I am not annoying person, as such I could never accept this so I left some place while yearning for the journey.

In my travels to the netherworld I found the tall dented boring rock of my father. As I placed it upon my evil eye it made me. A good thing indeed!

I have been many things, even town drunk at times, sometimes I even took up interpretative dancing , until I settled down in my tower . It's a muscular titanic round place full of people who are always carpentry . There a knife is always a random color.

Thusly I turend to breeding cows . I've also learned that the cake is rarely boring if you consider the way my chest, which is a lovely shade of white by the way, set on fire even an astronaut

One day I bought a bikini which was magenta to cover my walking bits with. Unfortunately it was made in where no man has ever gone before for BUTCHERING! , so it had a rectangular shape.

My evil stepfather taught me that I should never use my hands for administrative finance , but I am not boring so I had to do it. It burned me, so my hair became the color of insanity and elongated

Yesterday I was kidnapped with a pants in where no man has ever gone before. The a woman around me thought it was enchanting , so he scratched me.

Total number of possible stories: 1.26227395642E+82
E means '10 at the power of' so 1.2E+2 is 120. Pretty big number isn't it?
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