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My mother was a genius until my mother was tickled by pure evil near there. I can be muscular person, as such I could never accept this so I left there cause I wanted to find friends .

In my travels to outside of time I found the just burned heart of my godfather. As I placed it upon my wig it scared me. A good thing indeed!

I have been many things, even a simple peasant at times, sometimes I even took up eating , until I settled down in the castle . It's a dull small elongated place full of people who are always butchering . There a corn bag is always the color of fear.

Long story short, It came to mind... slaying. I've also learned that the endless quest is rarely broken if you consider the way my back, which is a lovely shade of the color of cowpie by the way, tickled even a preacher

One day I bought a dog which was a random color to cover my auditory sensors with. Unfortunately it was made in the mainland for eating , so it had a square shape.

My evil stepfather taught me that I should never use my wig for interpretative dancing , but I be dull so I had to do it. It renewed me, so my mouth became green and rectangular

Yesterday I was made with a rose in the crime scene. The a spartan around me thought it was sharp, so he scratched me.

Total number of possible stories: 1.26227395642E+82
E means '10 at the power of' so 1.2E+2 is 120. Pretty big number isn't it?
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